In Northern Uganda many adolescent mothers suffer during child birth. These young women can’t afford a birthing kit, which not only guarantees a clean birth, it also allows women to give birth in a government-run medical facility with a trained attendant.

A birthing kit can save lives and help to prevent the spread of deadly diseases and infections. And when each kit is given to a young woman, our partners in Uganda provide family planning education and ongoing healthcare support.

Giving birth is the most vulnerable time in the life of a woman and her baby. Will you give today and help a young mother in Northern Uganda have a safe and clean birth?



  • Gauze
  • Clean cord for tying the umbilical cord
  • Plastic Gloves to prevent the transmission of HIV and other diseases.
  • Sterile scalpel so old, rusty knives aren't used to cut the umbilical cord.
  • Soap
  • Plastic sheet to lie on
  • Wrap for baby to ward off pneumonia and other illnesses.


Your donation will help us create and send birthing kits to our partners at Christian Counselling Fellowship (CCF) in Northern Uganda. We have partnered with Global Development Group (GDG) for the approved development project (project number J910N). GDG are responsible for this development project, providing governance and oversight of the project.
Yes. Gifts over $2 to our partner Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993) with a preference for this project are tax deductible in Australia. Any excess funds received may support other approved project activities in maternal health in Northern Uganda.
We have partnered with a girls’ school in Sydney who help to fundraise and create the packs. However, we would welcome other groups or individuals who want to help us to create the packs. We create them in Australia as we have partners here who provide the products and we can ensure quality control. The packing is overseen by a registered nurse.
Pader is a region in Northern Uganda. It has suffered from decades of internal conflict with the Lord’s Resistance Army. Generations have grown up in Internally Displaced Person’s camps, and thousands of children were abducted and forced to fight as child soldiers or taken as child brides. Although the region has been at peace for a decade, the post-conflict development process takes time. Our partners CCF are working with women and girls to provide education and healthcare to address the systemic issues of poverty as a result of conflict.
Educated women and girls have a positive impact on their society. They are less likely to die in childbirth and transmit diseases to their children. An educated woman is able to earn an income that will likely support herself and her entire family[1]. The health and education of the next generation of Pader women are vital to its socio-economic development.



[1] UN Chronicle
Education for Teenage Mothers An education can change the life of woman, her children and her entire community. Our partner Alice Achan advocates for the education of women and girls in Northern Uganda. We provide scholarships to support young women who have experienced post-conflict sexual and gender-based violence. Many have children and cannot attend other schools in Uganda. Alice runs two Girls’ Academies in Northern Uganda. One in Pader and the other Nwoya. Students can undertake vocational training (hairdressing, sewing, cooking or hospitality) or the vocational stream. Their scholarships cover their boarding and childcare support. We have helped to sponsor women who have graduated from university and are now working as midwives helping others in their community.