Library for All Australia is an Australian not for profit scale-up disrupting the global publishing industry by making high quality, age appropriate and culturally relevant books and educational resources accessible to all, equally.

To deliver on this plan, Library for All Australia has developed and launched a globally available digital library application to deliver educational materials in communities where history, poverty, or remoteness are every day barriers to accessing books.

The Library For All Australia application hosts a curated collection of engaging content created by an in- house international publishing team who work tirelessly to create children’s reading material in partnership with the communities the organization serves.

Library For All Australia compliments its digital solution with a scale-able, cost-effective print and distribution service for schools, communities and families.

With an ambitious vision to reach 20 million readers globally by 2030, Library For All is already leading the world in creating original Creative Commons educational content and distributing it to developing communities through our digital application, and our print and distribution services.

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