The Maternal and Child Healthcare Services are dedicated to providing care to the most vulnerable women and children in the community.

Servicing over 300,000 people in the Northern Uganda region of Pader, the purpose-built clinic is the only dedicated clinic for pregnant women and children. It opened in May 2017 and features the first (and at the time only) ultrasound and the regions third doctor.

The Maternal Health team provide regular outreaches to remote communities with educational programs and health check-ups. Their aim is to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies while providing ongoing health services to reduce the number of babies and children dying from preventable disease.

Teenage pregnancies are disproportionately high due to the region recovering from decades of internal conflict. A lack of education and economic development has left remote communities without the knowledge or understanding of family planning and the importance of education for girls.

Together with other Australian families, Propeller Projects has helped to fund this program which is overseen by Christian Counselling Fellowship (CCF), who also run Pader and Nwoya Girls’ Academies.

The Birthing Kit campaign will provide kits for vulnerable young women and provide an opportunity for staff to work with some of the most vulnerable women and their families.

We’re always looking for individuals, families, foundations and businesses who want to partner with us in this work. If you would like to know more, please contact us to set up a conversation.

In April 2017 we visited Pader, Northern Uganda for the opening of the Maternal and Child Healthcare Clinic and visited outreach programs. Read our report here.

Thank you to the following families and foundations who have funded the work so far: The Holman Family, The Sypkes Family, The Allan Family