We strive to give women and girls choices to live a life free from abuse, violence and exploitation.

Both Operation PeaceMaker and Operation Red Alert were born from the desire to see families become the focus of prevention and transformation of the most pervasive and intractable forms of violence against women and girls, domestic violence and human trafficking respectively. Over three years into PeaceMaking and over 18 months into building Red Alert, there is much impact accomplished and a phenomenal amount more to come.

Operation PeaceMaker is a highly targeted, local initiative in Telangana, India to offer free counseling, rights education, and legal aid to victims of domestic violence and their families. At the core of this program is the education and empowerment of local women who become our PeaceMakers (field workers), reaching out to their own communities with the expertise and relevance only they could offer, and the education of young girls who are the next generation of change makers.

Operation Red Alert is a 3 pillar approach to preventing human trafficking in India, particularly the trafficking of young girls for sexual exploitation. The pillars are: India’s 1st National Helpline for anti-trafficking; Mass Media Awareness; a Rural focused Grassroots of the 3 pillars, the Grassroots Toolkit is the most direct intervention that planned to accomplish prevention. It will address 4 categories of major stakeholders, with a focus on the education of young girls.


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