Visayan Forum (VF) is combating human trafficking and exploitation in the Philippines by rescuing and rehabilitating victims and advocating for changes to labour laws in the country.

Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc., is a Philippine-based NGO established in 1991. It is celebrated globally for innovating solutions to end modern-day slavery.

VF intercepts and aborts human trafficking attempts in transit areas and operates halfway houses and shelters to protect, heal, and transform the lives of victims. Its holistic programs provide psychosocial counselling, life skills and IT training, spiritual and personal development, economic empowerment, access to education, medical and legal services, and reintegration.

VF reduces the vulnerabilities of families and children by raising awareness, creating community-watch mechanisms, and countering socio-cultural beliefs that perpetuate trafficking.

VF provides economic advancement opportunities through its social entrepreneurship initiatives. It influences policy-making, program development and service enhancement through its solutions-based researches and capacity-building programs, from local to international levels.

VF builds social movements to equip, train, and empower people to end modern slavery.

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